You are going to fall in love with our My Puppy toothbrush cover. This cute canine will help guard your toothbrush from germs, keeping it safe until you’re ready brush. Make brushing frisky and fun, while this adorable beagle delights your child until the job of cleaning their teeth is done!
Ventilation Keeps your toothbrush properly ventilated as it air dries your bristles.
Suction Cup Features a single or dual suction cup that sticks firmly to your bathroom mirror or tiles.
Easy to Use In just two simple steps you’ll be brushing the Flipper way!
Safe to Use Made from high quality, BPA free materials, Flipper adheres to the strictest health standards.
Store Hygienically Keeps germs, dust and other yucky stuff away by storing your brush a more hygienic way.
Travel Friendly Easily converts to a compact travel case. Just store it and stick it - wherever you go!